Aaron Weixel San Jose California & Medford Oregon

Hay Aaron Weixel! Little no b***s p***y b***h. What the matter? Can’t man up & sack up enough to keep a promise to A? Gotta run out like a f*****g pansy & s**t while she suffers? C saw her ya know. Looks like a f*****g shell of the lady she was. Ya f*****g destroyed her & ya don’t even got no remorse. Too busy out there f*****g new girls ain’t ya? Too busy f*****g new girls to keep a promise to a lady ya told was your FRIEND. Your FRIEND that ya knocked up. F*****g pathetic std spreading baby abandoning loser ya are.; ALL the details on this douchebag loser at cheaterland.; http://www.cheaterland.com/aaron-weixel-grand-douche-in-san-jose-california-medford-oregon.html

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