Al Meshkat. West Hills California United States

I would like to report the man who dated me for 4 month which I later found has a wife. His name is Al Meshkat and he is from Iran. He lives in west Hills California and he is the owner of California web solutions.; He is a older guy over 50 years old and loves to have younger girls on the side. He met me at a restaurant and invited me to dinner for another time and I am 40 years old so I accepted since he was nice. He never invited me to his house because he has a wife he never told me about.; When I confront him about his wife he said he said he’ll pay me to keep quiet because he loves his wife. I didn’t take his money after which he kept calling me over two weeks straight and told me if I say anything and mess up his private life he’ll make my life miserable.; I am Iranian and it is disgusting to take advantage of other women and cheat on your wife that you claim you love.; Don’t fall for this a*****e

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