Alan Volz, Keller, Texas

Met him on christianmingle. Talked for a couple of months. He was extremely sexual with his conversations borderline perverted. Every time I tried to change the subject he would always find a way to interject s*x into our chats. Met him a couple times in person. Normal meetings play putt putt golf and lunch. We seemed to be getting along well and he said many times that he was looking for a woman to spend his life with. He acts like he is a church going type of man yet in private hes the exact opposite. I just thought it was because he had been divorced and single for 8 years. So I continued to see him thinking we were going somewhere until I discovered that he was chatting with other women all along. When confronted about it he claimed he was just searching for the right one. He said he was looking for someone who lived closer to him. He likes to send sexual texts and will send them all day long. Just warning the women out there that if you meet him he is not very monogamous or faithful. Hes constantly looking for someone better.

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