Alana E Mercer, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Alana Mercer had been flirting with my husband for years, even going as far as to send him comments about how wives usually hate her and she hopes I don’t (teehee!). She has met me as well as my and my husband’s three beautiful children and has bought gifts for them in the past. She then started sleeping with my husband, texting him often that he’s handsome and incredible and that she wants to make a “regular thing” of sleeping with him “for sure”. When I found out and tried to approach her for an explanation, this heartless s**t completely ignored every word I said and wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence. It’s not that she’s attractive, it’s just that she advertises herself as an easy lay, so keep an eye on your husbands, everyone. She’s out there sleeping with them behind your back most likely. Lots of STD tests have been going on around here. She’s nasty.

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