Alpha Windows and Doors – DON’T USE THEM!

We hired Alpha windows to install our impact windows in our house and also the main door. We ordered the windows in February, they told us it will take up to 8 weeks to install the windows, well they ordered the windows without requesting the city permit and the city changed the regulations for the windows. At first they lied to us saying they submitted the permit before they ordered the windows which was not true. So they had to reorder some of the windows and wanted us to pay extra when it was their error. Finally they installed the windows on May 31, but when they installed one of the windows, the window cracked, so they needed to reorder that window, the main door was not installed properly and it is very hard to open and close. They told us they will be have to replace the window and the door. its been almost 3 months waiting???? We haven’t pass inspection waiting for them. They haven’t event contact us to finalized the installation and finish the work. I will never used them they are not a reliable company. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM. DON’T USE THEM.; Alpha Windows and Doors
590 SW 9th Terrace Bay #1,
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(866) 642-5742
[email protected]

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