Aman Nanday

This is a women my guy cheated me with…and left me with his child for this women..
If I want to vent it all out then I would really pick some filthy words for them both…..; All I need from you guys is I f you ever find these f*****s anywhere in your day to day life just for sake of my unborn kid let them know how big bastards they are.; Vikram Ahlawat- son of ajmer ahlawat lives in gurgaon; father of vikram ahlawat:+91 9416144481; Mr ahlawat father to vikram ahlawat states its normal to ditch a women with kid in her womb because womens are for fun and not for respect, thats the thing he taught his kids and future generation; Aman Nanday is the women he cheated me with
currently she works @ Royal Darwins Hospital, Australia
Registered Nurse in Acute Surgical Ward; This is the pic of her’s; Guys if anybody find them then do let them know how big cheaters are they

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