Amanda Buttenbusch, Pennsylvania

Amanda Buttenbusch is a manager at colonial electric. She worked with my Husband and started running behind him. She was completely aware of the fact that he was married with two kids. She also knew that I was pregnant with the third child when she started this affair with him. The man never took her out on a date or did anything special for her. She still didn’t have any self respect and just hopped in the back seat of her car. She is a slutty woman who can do just about anything to trap a man. He ended the relationship soon after it started but she stooped low as always and pursued him day and night. She kept sending him nude pictures and selfies on Facebook. When I resumed working after my maternity leave, she would leave no chance unturned to accompany him to his home back. She would herself tag along saying that she would like to give him company. What a disgrace she is to the entire female community! Before you assume in your big, fat, stupid head that he cheated on you, let me clarify that he didn’t. You were willing to be played with, w***e! You are a cheap s**t to sleep with a married man with kids. .

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