Amanda Roller Carrollton Texas

This sorry b***h is a meth w***e. She has slept with probably a hundred guys. She never uses protection and now has syphilis and gonnorrhea she got from a homeless b*m she has been f*****g. She was in a relationship for 7 years and lied and cheated the whole time. She started using meth 2 years into the relationship and got cracked out. It just got worse and worse after time went by. She made p**n videos with several different guys. She f****d some thug black dudes that ran a train on her she f****d a few of her Mexican needle junkie dealers and then started f*****g a homeless guy named Clint Odom she knew had stds. She stole from her man and all her friends. This is one nasty std having s***k a*s thieving meth addict w***e. She cares only for herself and will lie, f**k, suck, and manipulate anyway she can to get what she wants. People beware she pretends to be a victim and then steals and screws peoples husbands.

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