Amy Crafton, Aka Tsia Sway -England – Shelbyville, Indiana

This is Shelbyville Indiana biggest home wrecking w***e ever . She will literally pay any man to sleep with her special it has anything to do with her half sisters ex-boyfriend or husbands she even slept with an 85-year-old man to pay for a car . She’s been going after my husband for five years telling him that she can pay everything for him if he left me . She has passed around STDs tell at least 45 men in Shelbyville and this is a woman that is supposed to be a grandmother but she never took care of her kid she picked a Child molester over own daughter .. she’s a drug attic she will suck any man for head of crack .. so beware of her she changes her cars her man never changes her panties she stinks and smells she follows everybody that she stalks around just beware of her .. she also sleeps with women get her help to stalk other man.

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