Amy Krzykowski, Palenville, New York

A useless slug who lives off of the government and doesn’t know what being a responsible adult means. Just google for pics, if you want to be horrified by someone who couldn’t take a good selfie to save her life. Much of the info below should be verifiable through public court records and by talking to the many people she’s burned bridges with. Multiple baby daddies, doesn’t have custody of any of her kids. Oldest child who is mentally disabled and in foster care was placed there because Amy physically abused her and kept her in filthy conditions (fleas, animal feces left on floor that Amy wouldn’t clean up). No longer permitted to see that child. She has set up several fake Facebook accounts to impersonate other people. She gets her friends to add these fake accounts. She posts under the imposter account and then replies to that account from her own/main account, like they are having a convo – she’s really just talking to herself and making stuff up to put on a show. Lies about working/work history. History of drug (esp. pills (valium) and marijuana) and alcohol abuse. Has admitted to “experimenting” with cocaine as well. Has almost no natural teeth left at the young age of 34. Claims it is due to Mountain Dew. Many wonder if/suspect that it is because of smoking harder drugs in the past. Multiple reported or faked pregnancies in the past few years that never came to fruition. Possibly aborted/miscarried or just fake to con the men out of money (one time in 2014 claimed to be having twins). At one point she said she had her tubes tied. So, which is it? Lied about the pregnancies or lied about getting fixed? Also has regular fake health scares and lies about her health status to gain sympathy (has lied about having cancer, which is so disgusting because her biological mom died from cancer). Really surprised she hasn’t set up some bogus crowd funding page to con people yet. Former friends claim she has stolen from them after they took her in when she had no place to stay. She has also reportedly done the same to her poor adoptive parents. Collects animals and then gets rid of them or they die (had 3 cats die in her “care” 2014-2015, adopted and got rid of 2 cats and a dog in 2015). More than one psychiatric hospitalization (seems like sympathy seeking and escaping responsibilities). Seems to enjoy preying upon gentlemen in fire, safety and rescue professions and older folks. Has repeatedly involved herself in relationships with sexual deviants (one guy reported interest in underage kids and adult diapering, another guy exposed himself in public, for example). Disgusting.

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