Barbie JoAnn Cozby is a 47 year old, 5’7 red head that use to live in Anancoco and worked for the Louisiana DOTD as a road technician. Barbie does her hunting at hole in the wall bars and online dating sites such as POF. Barbie is the number one w***e of Anacoco/Leesville area. Barbie has cheated on all three of her ex-husband’s and put them in huge financial debt. Barbie has untold amounts of ex-boyfriends and fiance’s. She has used and cheated on every single one of them. Barbie dates a man for five or six months then dumps there a*s. She loves long distance relationships so she can lie and f**k other dude’s. She’ll tell you not to be jealous of her male friends that text her nude pics and call her. There not just friends, THERE F**K BUDDIES. I used to be one of them. The same day that she dumped her boyfriend from Lake Charles I f****d her. Barbie gave her son and daughter back to her ex’s so she could hunt d**k and party. Don’t try to date her, she’ll rip your heart out and use up your money. Wear rubbers and treat her like the true W***E that Barbie Cozby is.

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