Andrea Lynn Kraiosky. Portland, Oregon, USA

Andrea Lynn Kraiosky, aka Poppy Nogood is a SERIAL CHEATER. She cheated on me…and her previous marriage also ended with her salacious urges.
We lived together for nearly 7 years. I had thought she was the most honest person I knew(besides my own parents). But it turned out she had cheated on me with a crusty Portland burnout hipster whom I thought was a SCRUB the first time I met him. After leaving me for him, I learned that she was never the honest person I thought she was. She had been a Master Manipulator…a liar…a cheat…and has 12 of the 15 traits of a SOCIOPATH. She’s a naive, hardcore narcissist, sexual deviant with absolutely ZERO impulse control.
…and after I found out the truth and she dumped me, she thought it was normal for her to continue living in the apartment that we leased!!!! I had to live there with her for nearly a month after this!!!! She even thought it was the normal thing to do by continuing to SLEEP IN MY BED!!!!!!! WHO DOES THIS???!!!!! I’ll tell you who does this…. ANDREA LYNN KRAIOSKY does this!!!! …and she even lied to her mother about this…not sharing the details that would paint her daughter as a Sociopathic Harlot.; TO ALL MEN….BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD!!!! But if you’re into the BDSM-Poly thing…and don’t mind being manipulated, then be my guest. She’ll be perfect for you.; She cheats on men…and cheats on her taxes.; No man deserves what she put me through. I left Portland because of her. I drove 2,000 miles away to heal from what she put me through.; Good Riddance to that TRASH.

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