Andrei Korottchenko Isaacs and Co is abuser

Andrei Korottchenko is not the man who I thought he was. He had a hidden life of escorts, supplying hard drugs for young girls barely legal and abuse. I had even seen some things which showed potential sleeping with clients wives. I think he needs to understand the moral and ethical things in life a little bit better. I made the mistake of dating him, and of course he took advantage of me but I am no longer that girl. I remember coming home to him in the shower… he would leave phone in living room and it was filled with women, clad women asking why he would ignore or when he would bring drugs. I knew then that I had to leave for good I was not going to be that woman who would stay through that. There is no excuse for abusive man. He was definitely a predator and took advantage of my being new and not knowing about man or dating.

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