Andrew Won Young Lee, Redlands, California

Name: Andy Lee
Full name: Andrew Won Young Lee
Works as MD (Radiology Resident) at Loma Linda Medical Center.
From Columbus, Ohio
Went to Ohio State
Lives in Redlands, California
Korean American
29 years old; Phone number: 614-302-4354
Email: [email protected]; Cheated and lied; played the victim; lurks around Coffee Meets Bagel while in a relationship; says the sweetest words with no meaning; p**n addiction; known to have followed 70+ naked women on Instagram and social media; currently in a “relationship” as of 10/11/2016 after cheating on his “love of his life and soulmate” less than 3 months ago. Will not last. He is bad news. Cannot be trusted. Has overbearing older superdramatic sibling. Much older parents. Raised as a baby and spoiled to death. Doesn’t appreciate what he has, will say “I love you” for s*x then will cheat behind your back when he gets bored. Does not deserve to be a healthcare professional.

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