Anis Habib is a child s*x predator in Toronto Canada

Anis Habib in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is your classic uneducated labour class immigrant child s*x predator on the prowl for young kids, which got him on the S*x Offender Registry. This diddler Anis Habib has recently been tested positive for HIV and is infected with various STDs and STIs. Anis Habib is your typical filthy disgusting Pakistani and Afghan who claims to be a devout Muslim yet continuing his series of vicious rapes on young children that earned him a lengthy criminal record for sexual assault, sexual interference, kidnapping, forcible confinement, making and distributing child p*********y among other serious criminal offences. Anis Habib was also kicked out of Sheridan College for downloading child p**n and for conspiring to commit a terrorist attacks at McDonald’s inspired by ISIS. Anis Habib’s parents (who are first-cousins married to each other, typical of Pakis) were also convicted of welfare fraud and many other crimes such as claiming refugee status under false pretenses; Anis’ father drives a taxi while collecting social assistance. People out there need to beware of this kiddie s*x monster and Islamic Jihadist Anis Habib!!!

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