Anshu Wahi, New York, USA (Fake Post)

The post about Anshu Wahi who is from New York, USA is a Fake Post. It claims she is a “racist” which totally FALSE and FAKE. Here are some signs of classic racist behavior which are NOT seen by Anshu Wahi of New York, USA:; Physical assault and harassment; Racist propaganda eg symbols, signs, graffiti; Incitement of others to behave in a racist manner; Institutional racism which often unintentionally disadvantages or marginalizes less dominate ethnic and cultural groups eg biased policies, rules or curriculum.; Advocation of segregation. This advocation represents a belief that different races should live apart, be educated separately or not intermarry. The advocacy can occur explicitly or implicitly.; Association. It is common for racists to associate with other racists. While not necessarily espousing racist opinions themselves it is common for them to personally defend other racists (without directly defending their opinions).; Invisibility. An indifference to the plight of members of society who are of other races when they suffer injustices. It is typical of the racist to claim that he is under no obligation to help or that the situation in question is somehow an “inevitable” by-product of some greater good. When the great majority of members of the disadvantaged group are not of his race a pattern emerges; Since (Anshu Wahi, New York, USA) has NOT practiced the above which is considered classic racist behavior then she is definitely NOT a racist but it does make the poster who posted about her and called her such an idiot that’s for sure. They are probably the real racist one in the overall picture regarding Anshu Wahi of New York.

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