Anthony Dewayne Jackson, Birmingham,Al

Anthony is the biggest liar I have ever met. A compulsive fake lying Christian, Midfield High School coach and teacher. Anthony will tell lies no matter how many times one may ask for the truth. He’s quick to play a victim in situations where he’s caught. He’s an utter embarrassment to Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. I so regret the day I met his lying a*s and wish everything in me would have walked the h**l away! Even after our breakup as we still had s*x and nothing more between us, Anthony remained a liar. I had no idea he has been lying on our child that I miscarried until his childish a*s girlfriend pulled a knife on me and said I faked a pregnancy! Who faked pregnancies to a dude that’s broke and living in the ghetto! He lies about time, his whereabouts, and money, of which I now know he’s filed bankrupt thanks to one of my blog followers investigation last week! I can accept a man that owns his ish, but this p**** here, nothing but a victim and it’s everyone else fault!

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