Anubis prince Rodgers ATLANTA, Georgia USA

he is a liar like no other liar you have met before he will take your money and use you like a used tissue he will tell you he loves you and he will use you for all your money and you will never hear from him again I was just one of the lucky ones to be able to be around long enough to see his true colors.
he has 4 other women that he claims he don’t know he calls them his fans because he does music and shows but they are really women he mess around with I found out when I went to one of his shows and yelled his name baby as I call him that all the time and 4 other women came up to me and almost had a fight with me saying they are NOT FANS THEY ARE HIS WOMEN THEY SHOWED PROOF of sleeping with him and everything and text of them with him as well
he claims he don’t want to be in a relationship he wants to get his life together but it’s not true he lives with different women and drives there cars I know this because I always tried to come see him and he never lets me come over and I followed him and he was at some girl’s house and they kissed at the door and lied to me saying it was his sisters house when I called him in my car. RIGHT
he will still your money right out your purse to buy weed and alcohol I CAUGHT HIM DOING THIS and g*d knows what else so he is a liar, this, and cheater been with him a very long time and never thought I would meet someone like him.
he spends most of his time on snap chat princeanubis92 that’s where he likes to show off all his fan as he calls them fans but they really are not his fans and also on Kik ThePrinceAnubis I found over 100 messages of different women SOME SAYING THAT he has been giving them STD’S and trying to hook up with other women all over the city ITS JUST SICK even woman from craigslist like really come on; just ladies beware of this man close your purses and your legs to this man BEWARE OF THIS DOG

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