April Skoropat Thiesen, Cookeville, Tennessee

This woman likes to chase husbands, and it helps if they are older and her work superior. Her current husband was her boss, in a 20+ year marriage with two kids, and 15 years older than her. Then she switched jobs and moved on to the next boss and husband…a man in a 20 year … Read moreApril Skoropat Thiesen, Cookeville, Tennessee

April Dawn Barks, Brownstown, Michigan

Went after a married man with kids and knew he was married. She had a boyfriend herself when she went after the married man. She got pregnant same time as wife did, so she could trap the man. She loves money and all material things she can get from the married man. She thinks she … Read moreApril Dawn Barks, Brownstown, Michigan

Ashley Richardson, Fishers, Indiana

Ashley Richardson is a photographer living in Fishers, Indiana. Her favorite past-times include pretending to be your friend, and sleeping with your boyfriend at your apartment while you’re at work. I met her through my EX boyfriend, Brian Bugh. They had been friends since they were in school and he had said that there was … Read moreAshley Richardson, Fishers, Indiana

Amy Haverstock Alderson, Elnora, Indiana

Amy is a married woman with 2 daughters – had an affair with my husband. She loves to “help” out her make friends through difficult relationships- Acts like she has no idea that she flirts and teases men! Works for an Ortho Dr in Indy – didn’t hesitate to come into my home to be … Read moreAmy Haverstock Alderson, Elnora, Indiana

Anay Somvanshi, Ann Arbor Michigan

Anay Somvanshi is a ghetto 3rd worlder who doesn’t understand American customs and he likes to grab women inappropriately. Anay is a man of many lying talents. He is desperate for the green card so he has been proposing to women even without a proper date. Stay away from him, he is very dishonest about … Read moreAnay Somvanshi, Ann Arbor Michigan

April Lilith Vargas, El Paso, Texas

Beware of this woman April Lilith Vargas. She does NOT care if your man is taken. Even when she’s pregnant She will compliment you and f**k your man at the same time. She also swears she’s a model but low key it’s just her getting half naked behind her iPhone in the restroom Currently resides … Read moreApril Lilith Vargas, El Paso, Texas

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