Amanda Buttenbusch, Pennsylvania

Amanda Buttenbusch is a manager at colonial electric. She worked with my Husband and started running behind him. She was completely aware of the fact that he was married with two kids. She also knew that I was pregnant with the third child when she started this affair with him. The man never took her … Read moreAmanda Buttenbusch, Pennsylvania

Andy Taylor, Alexandria, Virginia

Lying, cheating, manipulating coward….multiple long term affairs during which he lies to his wife Marie and the other women he sleeps around with. Sits on a moral high ground telling everyone else what to do how they are failing yet he sneaks around behind his wife’s back claiming to be ignored and unloved. Don’t believe … Read moreAndy Taylor, Alexandria, Virginia

Anubis prince Rodgers ATLANTA, Georgia USA

LADIES DONT TALK TO THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!!! ANUBIS ROGERS or calls himself PRINCE ANUBIS he is a liar like no other liar you have met before he will take your money and use you like a used tissue he will tell you he loves you and he will use you for all your money … Read moreAnubis prince Rodgers ATLANTA, Georgia USA

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