Anthony Mcelrath, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – He is an expert cheater!!

I was engaged to Anthony Mcelrath for over 2 years after meeting him. This dog cheated on me five times….with married women. He makes girls believe hes a great guy but in all reality he knows he has a big d**k and knows it will get a million girls so be warned he is a … Read moreAnthony Mcelrath, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – He is an expert cheater!!

Adel Nichole -aka- Noel Adel Jaco

This is Conroe Texas’s sluttiest mother of 3!!! She attends Mims baptist church (where she met my husband) and has been sleeping with him for over a year now!!!! This home wrecker has ruined my marriage!!! All 3 of her kids are by different men, she’s a w***e! She’s also a pill popping alcoholic who … Read moreAdel Nichole -aka- Noel Adel Jaco

Alana E Mercer, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Alana Mercer had been flirting with my husband for years, even going as far as to send him comments about how wives usually hate her and she hopes I don’t (teehee!). She has met me as well as my and my husband’s three beautiful children and has bought gifts for them in the past. She … Read moreAlana E Mercer, Newburyport, Massachusetts

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