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sandhya goli DMD

sandhya goli DMD – i feel that she misleads her patients into having work done that they really didn’t need to have done. she is a big pusher for caps and crowns. all of my top teeth are crowed except for one! i think that someone should look into this business. my husband and i have spent thousands of dollars on our teeth because everytime you went there she would suggest a cap a crown or some kind of work and she also in my opion takes to many x-rays! my husband and i have found a new dentist and she is wonderful. when i go to her for a cleaning that’s what i get. no crowns no caps and she also told my husband that he has beautiful teeth wish i had made this move sooner but you always think that the health care person is doing things that are in your best interest but not in this case.


 My cat was not even 3 years old before dying suddenly on me. His autopsy showed he died from HCM, a prevalent disease for Maine coons and ONE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN BRED OUT—so they claim. I paid $1, 000 dollars to this breeder so she can breed HCM Cats who have short lives and […] Continue reading →