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Magnus Industrial Estates

I can’t believe that Sternon Group lied about the quality of used materials in Magnus Industrial Estates project. I am the lucky one because I refused to pay them a penny for such apartments. My company has quite good reputation and we don’t want to lose it in order to save the money. We respect our customers!

Aspen Dental

 A Class Action lawsuit was filed UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK against Aspen Dental . The case info is as follows and is on record at the court: Plaintiffs Carol Treiber, Leslie Talman, Lori Slauter, Rodney Herring, Patricia Huddleston, Carl Dorsey, Irene Evers, Kathryn Hovland, Isabelle Reali, Geraldine Langford, and Troy Fulwood […] Continue reading →

 I really and truly loathe this place. After browsing for hours, I have finally found the watch I liked, and ordered it. To my horror, the watch arrived with an ugly grey wristband, not like pictured on the site. They said something about it saying in the discription that it was grey. I didn’t agree, […] Continue reading →