Debt Validation of America, INc

Debt Validation of America, Inc. I sign contract with DVA in 2012. Now it is 2015 and i have been trying to reach them for cancellation because they was not able to help me with my case. I have asked for my money in Escrow Account and no reply. I sign a cancellation request letter oln August 2013 and still no reply. I keep a log of everytime i call or e-mail. The mailbox is always full and I cant leave a message. DVA turn its cleints over to The Firm. But the Firm say it have nothing to do with the money in Escrow . No one will give me my refund that they owe. The money I have in Escrow they claim it went for legal fees. I paid $8000 for lawyer fees and over $7, 000 for legal fee. They did not handle any of my credit card issues. So i dont understand why I have to pay both. The money in the Escrow was to pay my creditors. But they didn’t pay anything to the creditor. So I would like for them to give me my money in Escrow Account. This company have change from so many names it was first My Choice Debt Management, Wise Counsel Financial, Debt Restructuring of America, Debt Validation of America and The Mohnsam Firm. But the Firm have made it clear they have nothing to do with DVA. I feel that the whole company is a rip off and can not be trusted. They have gave me the run around and no one will help. This company is a big scam.

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