Globalvisas Philippines

I have made a complaint before regarding Globalvisas before because in a very very unfortunate year of my life in 2011 I started dealing with this company to process our permanent visa in Quebec, Canada. Which is very stupid of me that I believed those people working in this company. I dealt with 5 different case managers since I started my application with them up until January 2011. My husband and I talked to different supervisors and managers after we have formally submitted the withdrawal of our application in June 2012 requesting for a callback that happened after almost 1 month. The worst person that my husband talked to was Louella Unabia, who was very rude and unproffessional. And now finally, after communicating with one of the victims too who had a chance of tallking with her via skype, she took Louella’s pic. And here she is: Louella Jo Unabia,

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