Go Ahead Tours – Refused to give money back!

We contacted this firm because we felt they had a fine reputation and are really pros in the travel business. We still feel that way today…..with one exception. Let me explain: After we advertised this trip over and over for several months, we were unable to get a single person that wanted to do this trip as they said the price was a bit too steep. Late in 2012 we ourselves put down the asked for $ 300.00 per person deposit with “GoAhead Tours”. When we called them on , March 19, 2013, to tell them that, even with all the advertising that we did, we still were unable to sell any reservations for this tour. Consequently, we called GoAhead Tours and cancelled this tour. Additionally we asked that our deposit of $ 600.00, that they have been holding for months, be returned to us. Phone: (800) 597-0350 and stated we could use this money up until September 21, 2013, towards another trip. May I point out here that my wife and I are both retired, on a fixed income and are and years old respectively and may not be doing all of the future traveling Goahead tours thinks that we are going to do. I seriously doubt if we will be doing many more tours at this stage. Therefore, while Goahead tours continues to sit on our $ 600.00 deposit, making interest, is telling us, in effect, that we will never get our deposit back. Can you please help us in this matter as we would really like to get our money back. Again, we have no other complains with this firm as so far they really have been a pleasure to deal with other than the matter that we described in this letter. We realize now that probably putting in our deposits a bit too early was a mistake, but we never thought that the GoAhead Tour Compnay would keep all of our deposit. Some perhaps, but not all of our $ 600.00 deposit] . $ 600.00 is alot of money for senior citizens to lose

Go Ahead Tours
2 Education Circle, Cambridge, MA 02141
Phone: (800) 597-0350

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