Idea Cellular – Conning people to buy services by wrong offers


Recently I received an SMS saying that if I recharge with Rs. 49, my local calls will be charged at 45p/min. Since I was on roaming, I was being charged 80p/min and no charges on incoming calls. As I made the payment, one service was activated which was, Incoming calls @ 25p/min and Outgoing calls @80p/min. When I inquired regarding this to Idea’s customer care, they clearly denied saying that we do not have any offer for Rs.49 and above mentioned tariffs. I requested that operator to transfer my query to his/her supervisor. When the supervisor answered the phone, the first thing he said was “I am not able to hear you, please speak up.” (by the time he said this, I had not spoken a single word). So I tried speaking up and waited for him to respond. But he responded with the same sentence that he is not able to hear me (but it was clear that, he was responding after I had finished my speech which is usually not the case when you do not hear what the other person is speaking). It was evident that he was trying to hang up on me. It was clearly intentional and eventually he did hang up on me. Later, when I tried calling them again, firstly I was put on hold for more than the usual time and when I asked to directly connect me to the supervisor, he literally put the call on hold and let me hang up out of frustration. This was really a shameful customer service and a very disrespectful way to deal with any customer.



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