JC Penney

This is a SCAM to me!! Over a month ago, I ordered a product online with JC Penney. I have never ordered online with them before but I had 4 gift cards that I needed to use and I really wanted this product. Each card I had was for a total of $40.00 ea. The total of the order was for $52.89. There were 2 spaces for gift cards so I used 1 for $40.00 (cost of the product) and I used another for the balance of $12.89 (tax, shipping and handling). A couple of days later, I receive an email confirmation for the order. Everything looked okay so I was content (even if the item was on backorder). Days later, Seeing that I still had 2 gift cards at $40.00 ea and one that was partialy used for the online item, I decided to go to a JC Penny store to use up the remaining cards. When I went to the checkout, everything was fine. They even told me that the remaining balance on the used card was $23.11. Everything was fine until 3 weeks later. I get another email from JC Penny regarding my online purchase. They said that there is still a balance owed on the order. I asked them to please explain. They told me that all that was paid was $40.00 and the balance of $12.89 was still owed. They were not showing the second card I used. I told them that they need to re-check their books. I also went on to tell them that I have this confirmation for the order and it showed paid in full. They said they would investigate. 2 weeks after this I got another email from them stating that if I want the product that was ordered online, then I would need to pay the balance owed. This would mean that I would be paying the balance twice. I was appalled to think that a “SUPPOSED” reputable company like this would cheat their customers out of their gift cards for their own gain. I am never shopping with JC Penny again.

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