P C Richard & Son

This is my third GE refrigerator in 10 years from PC Richards. The second was bought in 2000, and the compressor went out one month after warranty. Then, I purchased KitchenAid that came to my house damaged. All my food was out now, waiting for a fridge. So, the only thing available now was another GE which costs another $500, but the salesperson says, “It’s the top of the line.” I buy a 10 year warranty. Four years later, and the thing is broken. The technicians have been there twice. The latest is that the cooling system needs to be replaced. As above, they ordered parts. Another week and no one will replace my refrigerator until it is deemed unfixable no matter how long that takes. So far, this has cost me $1, 300; $200 to buy an emergency refrigerator as cardiac medication had to be refrigerated, $300 for warranty which was an absolute waste, $600 in spoiled food, and $100 each time as I need to pay someone to wait for the repairman. This refrigerator is in a vacation home. I have been a loyal customer of PC Richards for years and spend several thousand dollars per year. I can tell you now, this company is uncooperative. At this point, if this is not fixed, I will just go and buy another refrigerator somewhere else despite the warranty and sue them in small claims court. I have read similar horror stories from other consumers to my great dismay, and I cannot be without a refrigerator for months or deal with endless visits from incompetent technicians. This is the third lemon refrigerator form them.

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