Andrew Johnson, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Andrew Johnson who works as a salesman for Hupp Aerospace likes to f**k married women.; He met my wife at the beach and talked her into meeting him for secret overnight hotel rendezvous at the Beach and in Fayetteville NC.; I was suspicious and caught her with GPS technology after it had gone on for … Read moreAndrew Johnson, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Ann Spoerl, New Virginia, Iowa

this woman is unbelievable, she’s out offering other men s*x when she’s already got a boyfriend. she gets them to buy her dinner, drinks, & lots of other things in time too. She acts really sweet,& giving to get everything she wants, if it weren’t for me driving by her house when she had no … Read moreAnn Spoerl, New Virginia, Iowa

Ashley Johnson, Jacksonville, North Carolina

This girl started texting and messaging my husband on Facebook when I told her to back off she had little to say…she was deleted from his fb and added back this year where in feb she started texting my husband again when confronted this time that he is a married man she said she knew … Read moreAshley Johnson, Jacksonville, North Carolina

Andrea Russett aka Catalina Martinez

She is a lying, cheating, stealing, manipulative, selfish, slutty, money hungry, and will make you feel like your not a person. She puts you down and bullies you to get her way. She’s a w***e and tries to get money from people at any means necessary. She has STDs her number is (661)346-4015 she has … Read moreAndrea Russett aka Catalina Martinez

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