Anay Somvanshi, Ann Arbor Michigan

Anay Somvanshi is a ghetto 3rd worlder who doesn’t understand American customs and he likes to grab women inappropriately. Anay is a man of many lying talents. He is desperate for the green card so he has been proposing to women even without a proper date. Stay away from him, he is very dishonest about … Read moreAnay Somvanshi, Ann Arbor Michigan

April Lilith Vargas, El Paso, Texas

Beware of this woman April Lilith Vargas. She does NOT care if your man is taken. Even when she’s pregnant She will compliment you and f**k your man at the same time. She also swears she’s a model but low key it’s just her getting half naked behind her iPhone in the restroom Currently resides … Read moreApril Lilith Vargas, El Paso, Texas

Anthony, Louis Inzerelli. Hicksville. New york USA

Please watch out. this guy is a liar, from what he does for a living to even being married. He got me pregnant and completely abandoned the child, and yes it is definitly his. He flaunts his parents house , cars and money and tries to pass it off as his own. I dont think … Read moreAnthony, Louis Inzerelli. Hicksville. New york USA

Anastasia Voutsinas Philadelphia PA USA

Anastasia Pantelidis Voutsinas is a former cheap escort in Philadelphia. Her unique scent is enough to sicken anyone. Decades later she still has the genital warts and herpes scars all over her face and r****m. She makes indecent proposals to married men abd engages in wife swapping with people who cant say no. Preferring to … Read moreAnastasia Voutsinas Philadelphia PA USA

Angie Mohwishi, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Angie Mohwishi was my best friend. Anytime I introduced her to anyone, I would follow it with “ she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.” Come to find out, her and my husband we’re having an affair. She constantly complained about how mean and unthoughtful her husband was and I was always there for her. … Read moreAngie Mohwishi, Parkersburg, West Virginia

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