Tata Motors

I would like to inform that TATA Motors are duping their customers through their 24×7 on road assistance program. After warranty its is a paid service and I have paid Rs 550 as fee. As per the terms and conditions of their service contract they are supposed to provide 6 instances of on road assistance which also covers electrical faults. I called up TATA Motors today asking them to attend to an electrical fault with my vehicle. However, they insisted that since it was day time, I could take my vehicle to TATA Motors dealership. They wont attend the vehicle since the vehicle can move. This is totally against their own service terms and conditions. Nowhere under their 24×7 on road assistance program it is mentioned that the vehicle will be attended only if it is not able to move or the vehicle will not be attended during day time. It is neither mentioned in the exclusions of their service contract. I even spoke to their Senior Team Leader Mr Mukhtar and got the same arbitary response from him and he was not able to justify his response according to the terms and conditions mentioned in their service contract

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