US Beef Cincinnati – They Disgust Me


The man from US Beef Cincinnati came to my home and sold my husband some beef. My husband has parkinson’s disease and a I am his caretaker and I have to take care of him like a child and he is not capable of handling such things. I told the this and he was unaware of the circumstances. We talked about the product he had sold him and I agreed to try the meat and see if the quality was like he said. I took the some of the meat to a cookout at my grandaughter’s house and her husband cooked them. I was so embarassed, the filets were so tough, we couldn’t eat them. We had hotdogs. But I didn’t give up, so the next evening my husband and I tried two steaks. They were so gross that they made me sick. I called the company and they said they would take the beef back and give us something else but we couldn’t get a refund. They said they would call me the next day to set up an appointment with us. We waited and I called them and left a message. They have never returned my call. The brochure said they were guaranteed for a year. We want them out of our freezer.

US Beef Cincinnati LLC

3210 Profit Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014

Phone: (513) 682-4858

Joey Traum

Scott Traum

Jeffrey Tucker

[email protected]

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