Wrought Iron Doors

I had previous doors installed by Richard Wallace which was completed and paid in full. Approximately a week later I decided to have the remaining of my doors replaced. He came out and gave me the total quote of $5500.00 with fifty percent being due up front for the total of $2750.00. He took my card and scanned it on his Square payment device attached to his phone. This should have been processed for $2750.00 I looked up my credit card account online and noticed a charge of $6500.00 dated from Richard Wallace UID, which is for Unique Iron Doors. I immediately tell him via text we have a problem, stating he charged me $6500.00 and the total quote was only $5500.00 and he should only have half $2750.00 and that he needs to credit back my card ($3750.00), which would leave $2750.00 on my card. He replies right back to me stating he will refund it, he messed up with the sorry new machine, and he had forgot to clear the last payment out of the phone. Then I look up my credit card account online and see a new charge of $3750. I immediately text him stating the $6500.00 is still on there and now there is a new charge of $3750.00, instead of crediting me you charged me, now you owe me a total of ($7500.00) which means you need to credit my card back twice ($3750.00). I was texting and calling his cell and business phone leaving messages the remainder of Sunday, with no response. Then Monday,  I tried calling him around 8 am with no answer. I then called my credit card company and disputed both charges. They told me they would have to leave $2750.00 of the $6500.00 charge on my account due to the goods had yet to be delivered and once they are not delivered they could dispute the remaining amount. I continued to call him and text him with no answer. I went to his shop in Mansfield on Monday and spoke with an employee in his shop. I asked if Richard was in, he said no, I asked if he was on vacation, he said no that he was in this morning but was out on work and would be back he just didn?t know when. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday I continued to try and contact him and went to his business in Mansfield again. Again I spoke with the same employee and he said the same thing that he was there in the morning but he is out on a job and didn?t know when he would be returning. I then left a message with Richard telling him if he wasn?t going to make this right to cancel my door order and to credit me back the full amounts of both charges. I then went to the Mansfield PD to file a report; I was then told since I live in Grapevine, I would need to file there. It was the end of the day and I had to pick up my children from school so it would have to wait one more day. Wednesday, I receive two emails from Richard Wallace stating he can not log on to the credit card company from where he is at so I should cancel the charge that would the best, I pushed the wrong button instead of a refund I charged you again and he also states he has canceled my door order. He continues on a second email he is really sorry but he is on vacation and he spoke with his employees and this was a simple mistake he pushed the wrong buttons and he apologizes but at this point it is best you call your credit card company and dispute the charge since I?m on vacation and out of the country for the next ten days. I then go to the Grapevine PD and speak with Officer Burk and he said he agrees this is not good but he cant file a report because it is technically not criminal because he is not trying to keep the money. I then called my credit card company back to dispute the additional $2750.00 that they said would need to remain on the account since there are goods that have yet to be delivered. My argument this time is that he stated in his email that he has canceled my door order so they need a full refund.  Ripoff!

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